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Anne Hull, NF ’95

By 75th Anniversary September 27, 2013

Hull’s reporting on the abysmal treatment of soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center caught the attention of Congress and earned her and Washington Post colleague Dana Priest the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service … Read more

Mary Ellen Leary, NF ’46

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

One of the first two female Niemans, Leary (1913–2008) covered politics in California for half a century Learning in the Nieman environment was wider than the campus limits. But the exhilaration of classes exceeded all expectations. The courses were … Read more

1945: Writing Courses

By and Features September 24, 2013

Fiction instructor Anne Bernays and nonfiction instructor Paige Williams, NF ’97, recall how the Nieman writing courses got started in 1945 and 1998 Signing on to teach crack journalists how to write is a little like contracting to teach Royal … Read more