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Impact of Investigative Stories

Watchdog September 15, 1999

Reporters sometimes devote months, if not years, to working with sources, researching and compiling information to prepare it for publication. Though what their stories reveal can be explosive and damaging to the parties involved and provide a basis upon which … Read more

The Roles Editors Play

Watchdog September 15, 1999

Reporters often mentioned the roles editors played in how they reported the story or how the story appeared in the paper. At times their input was helpful; other times it wasn’t. Loretta Tofani: “[When I began writing my story] it … Read more

Working With Key Sources

Watchdog September 15, 1999

In most reporting assignments—perhaps most often in journalists’ roles as watchdogs—following leads usually results in finding a key source, someone who can help to build the story’s foundation. How reporters work with these sources who often want, at least in … Read more