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Simeon Booker, NF ’51

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

Working for Jet magazine, Booker covered the civil rights movement for 53 years The Nieman program under Louis M. Lyons was eons ahead of the nation’s press when it came to race relations. In 1950, when I became … Read more

1972: Affiliates

By Features September 24, 2013

Ruth Daniloff, a ’74 Nieman affiliate, on the dawn of equal rights for affiliates When I heard in May of 1973 that my husband, Nicholas Daniloff, had won a Nieman Fellowship, I acknowledged that it would burnish his career. Read more

Taking Back Our Language

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

The shape and content of my decade as curator was determined by unexpected events. Howie Simons’s time as curator was cut drastically short by his death. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the collapse of journalism’s economic model … Read more

A Gift Beyond Measure

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

As I prepared to begin my tour as curator during the summer of 2000, I worked at framing a vision of how the Nieman Foundation might build on its legacy of educating journalists while expanding its global reach and … Read more

The Nieman Factor

75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

The world’s most famous physicist was, on September 9, 1920, just another press critic: “Like the man in the fairy-tale who turned everything he touched into gold,” groused Albert Einstein in a letter to fellow scientist Max Born, “so with … Read more

1947: Nieman Reports

By Features September 20, 2013

James Geary, NF ’12, editor of Nieman Reports, on the magazine’s founding Nieman Reports, from the first issue to the most recent Nieman Reports, from the first … Read more