75th Anniversary

Mother of Invention

By 75th Anniversary November 5, 2013

As she lay dying, the widow of a Milwaukee newspaper editor made a gift that has now invigorated journalism for 75 years. Agnes Wahl Nieman, a well-educated woman with a fondness for bicycling, willed money to Harvard to “promote and elevate the standards of journalism.” That $1.4 million bequest (worth about $23 million in today’s dollars) funded the Nieman Fellowship program that has brought 1,442 journalists from around the world to Harvard for a year of study. To celebrate the Nieman Foundation for Journalism’s 75th anniversary, Nieman Reports tells the stories of 75 Nieman Fellows, among them pioneers in biography, documentary filmmaking, and investigative journalism. Read more

The Meaning of the Nieman

By 75th Anniversary November 1, 2013

Lippmann House has opened its doors to the 76th Class of Nieman Fellows, and with them to the future of journalism. To the counterterrorism reporter studying the quantitative social sciences for new tools to mine her urgent beat. To a magazine editor exploring the power of narrative to restore the soul of his country, a former police state. Read more

Taking Back Our Language

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

The shape and content of my decade as curator was determined by unexpected events. Howie Simons’s time as curator was cut drastically short by his death. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the collapse of journalism’s economic model … Read more

A Gift Beyond Measure

By 75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

As I prepared to begin my tour as curator during the summer of 2000, I worked at framing a vision of how the Nieman Foundation might build on its legacy of educating journalists while expanding its global reach and … Read more

The Nieman Factor

75th Anniversary September 24, 2013

The world’s most famous physicist was, on September 9, 1920, just another press critic: “Like the man in the fairy-tale who turned everything he touched into gold,” groused Albert Einstein in a letter to fellow scientist Max Born, “so with … Read more