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Finding a Way Forward

By Journalist’s Trade October 16, 2012

Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation provides a framework to understand how businesses grow, become successful, and falter as nimble start-ups muscle in on their customers. It’s a familiar story, one that has played out in the steel and auto industries, among others. Now Christensen, in collaboration with 2012 Nieman Fellow David Skok, has applied his analysis to the news industry. Their goal in this issue's cover story, “Breaking News,” is to encourage news executives to apply the lessons of disruption to the media industry as a means of charting new paths to survival and success. Read more

But What About the Veterans?

By Watchdog October 16, 2012

Foreign policy has taken a back seat in the U.S. presidential election, especially the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But reporters should at the very least press Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on a related domestic issue: the treatment of veterans. So asserts Kennedy School lecturer Juliette Kayyem, who notes that neither candidate is addressing the challenges facing those who bore the heaviest burden of war. Read more

Fall 2012: Class Notes

Nieman Notes October 16, 2012

1946 Robert Manning, an influential editor of The Atlantic Monthly, died of lymphoma at a hospital in Boston on September 28th. He was 92. Read his obituary … Read more

The Big Chill

By Watchdog October 15, 2012

The Obama administration is operating amid unprecedented secrecy—while attacking journalists trying to tell the public what they need to know. Read more

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