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What’s Wrong with Philanthro-Journalism?

By Opinion January 30, 2019

Funding by private foundations plays a vital role in filling the gaps often left by mainstream news coverage, especially in important areas like investigative, international, and local journalism. In the case of international news, for example, six … Read more

From Threatened Censorship to Box Office Hit: Many Colombians rallied behind a documentary by Margarita Martinez, NF ’09, about the long difficult path to peace

By Niemans @ Work January 22, 2019

I was ready for the premiere of my film. For five years, I’d been working on a behind-the-scenes documentary about the torturous and ultimately successful negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas. “The Negotiation”—“La Negociación” … Read more

Authenticity and the Journalism of Networks

By January 8, 2019

We live in an apparent paradox: trust in institutions is dropping, while trust in individuals at those institutions seems to be on the rise. According to an ongoing study from the Pew Research Center, trust in the federal government remains … Read more