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Nieman Reports’ Top 5 Feature Stories of 2022

Top Stories 2022 December 20, 2022

This past year has been characterized by threats to democracy — and to journalism. Though many election-denying Republican candidates were defeated in the 2022 mid-term elections, former president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to spread disinformation about the … Read more

Nieman Reports’ Most Read Stories of 2022

Top Stories 2022 December 19, 2022

Our most read stories of 2022 tackle some of journalism’s most pressing issues: women and their struggles for equality in newsrooms, reframing the way we cover politics, and examining the personal identity of journalists outside of their employer. They also … Read more

Nieman Reports’ Top 5 Interviews of 2022

Top Stories 2022 December 19, 2022

Over the past year, Nieman Reports has sat down with a number of people who are propelling journalism forward. From editors leading new initiatives in their newsrooms to experts strategizing solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing problems, Nieman … Read more

Fighting Back Against SLAPP

By Features December 14, 2022

Primož Cirman started receiving orange, business-card-sized slips of paper in his Celje, Slovenia, mailbox in June 2020. They haven’t stopped coming. Each card is a notice that he has a piece of certified mail waiting for him at the … Read more

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