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Graphic Art as Political Commentary

By September 15, 2008

The arresting images (above and below) created by Zimbabwean graphic artist Chaz Maviyane-Davies are editorial comments presented as art. Stifled by racial discrimination in white minority-ruled Rhodesia, Maviyane-Davies went into exile and studied art in … Read more

Fall 2008: Introduction

By 21st Century Muckrakers September 15, 2008

On this point, editors, reporters and newspaper readers agree. In a time of cutbacks and a shrinking news hole, at a moment when print is in peril and digital is dominant, watchdog and investigative reporting must remain at the core of journalism’s mission. In this third part of our 21st Century Muckrakers project, editors and reporters speak to how metro and regional newspapers are confronting the enormous challenges of today and offer clues to where this kind of reporting will likely be headed tomorrow. —Melissa Ludtke, editor Read more