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A Newsman’s Style as Envoy in Africa

By Books June 15, 1998

When one thinks of how an ambassador’s career gets started, a rocky beach and seagulls don’t likely come to mind. But this is how Smith Hempstone, a former Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Times and 1965 Nieman Fellow, says he first … Read more

Michele McDonald

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Alabanians show reports of beatings by Serbs in Kosovo. These photos were taken in August, 1993 in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo for The Boston Globe. Reporter Sally Jacobs and I were sent from … Read more

CNN’s Tightened Check On News Breaks

By Watchdog June 15, 1998

A news organization that parrots somebody else’s reporting has to feel as badly, if not more badly, when the original report is wrong than the originating news organization. There are news organizations that say “well, gee, yeah, we did pick … Read more

Scoop Artist Who Isn’t a Journalist

By Books June 15, 1998

“Born to see; meant to look.” That’s the personal motto taken from Goethe’s “Faust” that Peter Drucker, the legendary thinker and management expert, uses to describe his profession. An observer, not a participant. Almost like a … Read more

David Turnley

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

© David Turnley/Black Star, “In Times of War & Peace,” 1996 RELATED ARTICLE “The Best Picture I Never Took” – David TurnleyIn his introduction to “In Times Of … Read more

Questioning the Press’s Adversarial Tone

By Books June 15, 1998

The Argument Culture: Moving from Debate to Dialogue Deborah Tannen Random House. 348 Pages. $25.“The Battle of the Sexes,” “Telecommunications Price Wars,” “Democrats Send Clinton into Battle for Second Term,” “A Classic Match-up: It’s only the opening … Read more