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A pre-election attack on Iran remains a possibility

By Watchdog August 28, 2012

President Bush still believes the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons — and so do the Israelis. So for journalists to assume that neither the U.S. nor Israel will attack Iran before the November election could constitute another failure of imagination. Cato’s Leon Hadar suggests questions the press should ask the presidential candidates about what they think the American response should be to various scenarios in the region — including a Gulf-of-Tonkin-like alleged provocation. Read more

The Jobs Crisis

By August 27, 2012

Photo by Arthur Rothstein. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. To the extent that there has been any attention paid to public policy issues amid all the mud-slinging in the 2012 … Read more

Taking a New Direction

By Watchdog August 27, 2012

Among the changes at the Nieman Watchdog Project is a closer alliance with Nieman Reports. Dan Froomkin, formerly deputy editor of the Nieman Watchdog website, is a new contributor to both the print magazine and the Nieman Reports website. Froomkin is a senior Washington correspondent for The Huffington Post who previously wrote a White House politics column for The Washington Post’s website. Read more

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