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Winter 2014: Class Notes

Nieman Notes January 31, 2014

Nieman Foundation curator Ann Marie Lipinski, NF ’90, welcomes attendees to the 75th anniversary dinner at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Photo by Lisa Abitbol … Read more

The Future Is Ours

By Features January 31, 2014

In 1808, as Napoleon’s forces marched across southern Spain, a group of Spanish exiles set up shop across the Atlantic in New Orleans. There, they capitalized on Louisiana’s newly acquired First Amendment rights and churned out a four-page bilingual … Read more

Follow the Money

By Journalist’s Trade January 31, 2014

In the fall of 2011, while researching a story on China’s business elites for The New York Times, I made a startling find: a set of corporate documents that linked the relatives of then Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao … Read more

Up Close and Personal

By International Journalism January 31, 2014

Watch video of Osnos’s Morris Lecture, from which this essay was adapted In 1948, the Harvard Sinologist John King Fairbank wrote, “China is a journalist’s dream and a statistician’s nightmare.” It was, he explained, a … Read more

Commerce & Corruption

By International Journalism January 30, 2014

Technology development has been reshaping the media industry worldwide. In developed countries like the United States, traditional media companies felt the shock brought on by new technology several years ago. The global financial crisis made their survival even more … Read more

Under Pressure

By International Journalism January 30, 2014

Two-thousand-and-three was a milestone year for investigative journalism in China. Some media organizations had been transformed from Communist Party propaganda tools into market-oriented news outlets. The Party line had weakened while market influences strengthened, leaving many journalists with an … Read more

Stories To Live By

By Sounding January 29, 2014

Soon after starting high school in Tg. Mures, the small city in Romania’s Transylvania region where I grew up, I began skipping classes. What we want is to give voice to stories nobody has heard, to people who’ve … Read more

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