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Resources for Investigative Reporters

March 31, 2011

If you know of other sources, or if you would like your website to be considered, please contact us at Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism Article 19 Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association … Read more

Spring 2011: Introduction

By Journalist’s Trade March 14, 2011

Barriers to reporting on corruption are numerous. Pushing past them can be risky, especially in countries where powerful interests are entrenched in business, media organizations, and government. Arrest. Legal action. Forced exile. Threats. Murder. Journalists face such dangers where the fear of what reporters might discover creates a climate of censorship and caution in newsrooms. Journalists describe the toll taken to tell stories about the corruption in their own backyards. Those who support their efforts speak to emerging strategies of training and assistance. —Melissa Ludtke Read more