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The New Wisdom of the Crowd

By Books October 18, 2016

Scandinavian media giant Schibsted publishes Verdens Gang or VG, the number one online newspaper in Norway and the nation’s number two print daily. Schibsted’s approach to news is noteworthy because it “boasts some the most … Read more

Seeking the Ultimate Complement

By October 18, 2016

While Schibsted has capitalized on the power of “user connections”—fostering the development of networks that connect users—Anand’s research also underscored the importance of “product connections.” One example is the case of complements—where a user’s value from consuming two … Read more

Tech Criticism and Its Discontents

By October 4, 2016

As technology assumes an ever-increasing presence in our lives, deep reporting on technology and nuanced critiques of technology become more important, too. This excerpt from “Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism” by Sara M. Watson, a research fellow at Columbia Journalism … Read more