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Fall 2009: Introduction to “Journalism and Social Media”

By Journalist’s Trade September 18, 2009

From blogs to vlogs, Facebook to MySpace, Twitter to Flickr, Delicious to reddit, words and images bounce around the globe, spreading wide and fast. Journalists are adapting to the ever-shifting terrain carved out of these conversations. In this issue they describe changes in how they work and what they produce, explore emerging ethical issues, and propose principles of active engagement. In Words & Reflections, essays touch on foreign news reporting, Afghanistan, netroots, objectivity, journalists’ political leanings, and Cold War spies. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more

On Home

By September 17, 2009

Objectives Joan Didion is a blogger before her time who weaves the power of narrative details into her poignant narratives. Her style of writing marries well with the topic of military brats because they are a sub-culture off the … Read more

Inauguration Weekend

By September 17, 2009

He had always acted as if men were masters of forces, as if all things were possible for men determined in purpose and clear in thought—even the Presidency. This perhaps is what he had best learned in 1960—even though … Read more