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Sunday Dare, a 2010/2011 Academic Research Fellow at Oxford University and a 2001 Nieman Fellow, is special adviser for media to Bola Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State in Nigeria. He previously served as general editor The News and Tempo, two weekly newsmagazines based in Lagos, and worked for Voice of America in Washington, D.C. for nine years as the chief of the Hausa Service, Africa Division. He is a social media expert operating multiple citizen journalism news sites.

Chinua Achebe: Unstoppable, Unbeatable

By March 22, 2013

Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, author of “Things Fall Apart,” died on March 11. Photo by Craig Ruddle/The Associated Press The story of Africa and the insight many have into her traditions and customs is … Read more

Terror Unleashed

By June 15, 2006

Dare’s book was published in 2007 under the title “Guerrilla Journalism: Dispatches From the Underground”Sunday Dare has written a book, “Voices From the Trenches: The Story of Guerrilla Journalism Under Military Rule in Nigeria.” He is now looking for … Read more