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Summer 2007: Introduction

By June 15, 2007

“The blast had not been an attack at all,” writes Griff Witte, the Islamabad/Kabul bureau chief for The Washington Post, about a deadly blast in a gunpowder shop in the center of Kabul, which many assumed to be an intentional … Read more

American Muslims

By International Journalism June 15, 2007

By some estimates, as many as six million Muslims live in the United States. They have roots around the globe, from Albania to Senegal, Guyana to Pakistan. Some 34 percent of American Muslims are of South Asian descent, another 26 … Read more

Newspapers, Schools and Newsroom Diversity

By Opinion June 15, 2007

Newspapers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain journalists of color. Right now, their annual turnover exceeds 10 percent, which is significantly higher than for their white counterparts. The industry has tried to respond with a number … Read more