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Newspapermen and Lawyers

By … 1960-1969 December 15, 1999

[July 1960] – I propose to speak tonight on a moderately pretentious topic, the public responsibilities of newspapermen and lawyers.… As my concern is public responsibility in our professions, I want to focus especially on Washington. In that city, I … Read more

The Bill of Rights

First Amendment December 15, 1999

The Bill of Rights, as this parchment copy is now known, is on permanent display in the Rotunda of the National Archives. Courtesy National Archives and Records Administration. Read more

The Roots of Our Responsibility

By Curator's Corner December 15, 1999

The American press was halfway through the century just ended before journalists began to talk seriously about press responsibility. A letter Henry Luce wrote to Robert Hutchins, President of the University of Chicago, prompted this conversation. “I know what my … Read more

1996: A Grueling Standard to Live By

By Journalism December 15, 1999

[This article originally appeared in the Fall 1996 issue of Nieman Reports.] Violent crime rates have been falling, yet sensational crime coverage on television news has been rising. So have the fears of viewers who have an exaggerated sense they … Read more

1971: A Case for the Professional

By Objectivity December 15, 1999

[This article originally appeared in the September 1971 issue of Nieman Reports.] …at no time in history has the world needed the professional journalist more. The strident, partisan voices of today’s society contribute heat but no light to … Read more

1983: … The Crucial 1940’s

By International News December 15, 1999

[This article originally appeared in the Spring 1983 issue of Nieman Reports.] Scottsdale, Arizona — Two dozen of those whose reporting from China in the 1940’s helped shape American attitudes and policies in the years culminating in the Communist victory … Read more