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“We all need to be investigative critics”

Music journalist Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly, denial, and truth in the age of #MeToo


View from Appalachia: Covering White Supremacy and White Nationalism

Establish a community of practice, focus on people experiencing hate, share and corroborate data

Working Across Disciplines: A Manifesto for Happy Newsrooms

For news outlets to successfully innovate, interdisciplinary teams are essential. Here’s how to make them work


“Foreign” lands are not foreign in a globalized world—and it is time international news media realized this

New outlets' decision to publish graphic photos of a terrorist attack in Kenya highlights a double standard in global coverage


“If you come out to Indian Country to write about us, do your damned homework”

What coverage of the Wounded Knee story says about freedom of the press in the U.S.


Breaking the silence about corruption in Spain’s press

A new book by a former editor-in-chief of El Mundo has opened a debate about the relationship between business and the media

Three News Outlets Discover Fresh Collaborators and Audiences in Libraries

A look at news organizations that have found physical homes inside libraries

Opinion: Ethics

When It Comes to Free Speech, Walmart has Something to Teach Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

If social media platforms can’t excise truly harmful behavior and content, they must relinquish their enormous power


“I feel like the best way to report on North Korea is not actually from North Korea”

Washington Post journalist Anna Fifield on being careful and slow rather than fast and wrong, the Harvard courses that help her understand the country, and judging the trustworthiness of sources


Agents for Good: How Bots Can Boost Accountability Journalism

In “Automating the News,” Nicholas Diakopoulos is optimistic about a hybrid human-algorithm journalistic practice


Covering the Complexities of Abortion

As more and more states pass legislation restricting abortion, journalists need to better understand the issue from a women’s point-of-view