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Journalists See “Clear, Alarming Signals” for Press Freedom in Italy

The right-wing government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is exerting pressure on the press through lawsuits, wiretaps, and forcing veteran journalists from key roles in public broadcasting.


 ‘We are Keen to Keep Listening to People and Let Their Voices Be Heard All Over the World’

How the BBC Arabic’s Lifeline Service in Gaza is delivering vital information to displaced citizens and airing first-hand accounts of survivors.


Saving the First Draft of History

Archiving wasn’t perfect in the analog days, but preserving journalism in the digital age is increasingly complicated.

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A Place for Food, Housing, and Dignity

A photographer documented the lives of aging sex workers at Casa Xochiquetzal, a shelter in Mexico City.

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Generations of Displacement and Loss

A photographer finds joy amid life in a Palestinian refugee camp


The Long, Slow Death of the Newspaper Editorial

The same forces that gutted basic news reporting have claimed another casualty.


‘I’ve Never Experienced This Level of Silence’

What to do when the people you cover are trying to shut you out.

Live @ Lippmann

‘It’s a Record That Can’t Be Erased’ 

Frontline executive producer Raney Aronson-Rath on the story behind the Oscar-winning documentary “20 Days in Mariupol”


The Battle Over Using Journalism to Build AI Models is Just Starting

But there are lessons to be learned from how news organizations and policy makers handled the rise of social media giants.

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The Story Behind Doha Fashion Fridays

Since 2016, the pair behind the Instagram account have been documenting the migrant experience in Qatar.

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After the Flood

How photographer Sean Gallagher captured the devastating effects of Typhoon Doksuri on Beijing


Standing Up to Corruption and Violence

Jaemark Tordecilla, NF ‘24, on the harassment, brutality, and financial pressures faced by journalists in the Philippines