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“If You Want to Save Democracy, You First Must Save Yourself”

With the U.S. president no longer defending the essential role of journalism in a democracy, news outlets worldwide step up their fight for survival


Political Polarization and the Press

What coverage of a 1951 Dartmouth-Princeton football game says about partisanship—and what journalism can do to address it

Opinion: Ethics

Mueller’s Testimony: Journalists Allow “Optics” to Triumph Over Substance

From Colin Powell’s 2003 U.N. presentation to Robert Mueller’s Russia testimony, reporters have prioritized the optics instead of the journalism

Opinion: Ethics

Trump’s “Go Back” Tweet: This Is What Racism Looks Like

White journalists have to get over their blind spots and start calling out racism


“We all need to be investigative critics”

Music journalist Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly, denial, and truth in the age of #MeToo


View from Appalachia: Covering White Supremacy and White Nationalism

Establish a community of practice, focus on people experiencing hate, share and corroborate data

Working Across Disciplines: A Manifesto for Happy Newsrooms

For news outlets to successfully innovate, interdisciplinary teams are essential. Here’s how to make them work


“Foreign” lands are not foreign in a globalized world—and it is time international news media realized this

New outlets' decision to publish graphic photos of a terrorist attack in Kenya highlights a double standard in global coverage


“If you come out to Indian Country to write about us, do your damned homework”

What coverage of the Wounded Knee story says about freedom of the press in the U.S.