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Opinion: Tech

Why Tech Platforms Need to Be Built on Journalistic Values

Tech companies can be part of the solution to misinformation and lack of consumer trust—but only if they embrace and value quality journalism

From the Curator

Errol Morris, Steve Bannon, and American Discourse

“What does it mean for journalism when we cannot examine a subject without appearing to promote it?”

Opinion: Ethics

How Journalistic Standards Are Used Against Journalists

Non-journalistic groups have a growing influence in creating news agendas and setting narratives


Why We Banned the Word “Ethnic”

The Global Press Journal has its own style guide, providing a roadmap for how to use precise, dignified language to fulfill journalism’s ultimate goal: truth-telling

Opinion: Ethics

It’s Time for Journalists to Use the “R” Word: Racism

Given America’s history, every journalist should be asking if race—or racism—plays a role in whatever issue they are investigating


What’s Wrong with Philanthro-Journalism?

New research raises questions about unintended consequences when it comes to foundation funding of international coverage

Opinion: 2020 Coverage

Covering the 2020 Election: Horse Race or Citizens Agenda?

In 1992, the Charlotte Observer pioneered "public journalism" in its election coverage. Is that what voters need in 2020?


How Hashtag Culture Influences International Conversations

In her new book "Memes to Movements," An Xiao Mina explores how people from a historically overlooked nation such as Uganda are able to drive the conversation on issues in international media

Authenticity and the Journalism of Networks

Trust in the federal government is at a historic low, while trust in Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders among supporters is near or above 80%. What can journalists learn from this moment?


Some Hope for 2019: The Next Generation is the Solution to Our “Media Problems”

2018 Nieman Fellow María Ramírez shares what she learned talking to students about how to fight distrust, mitigate polarization, and more