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Felicia Sonmez’s Firing Highlights the Limits of Progress For Women In Newsrooms

The Washington Post sent a message: Be nice when a man displays a bit of sexism. Or be quiet.

Reporting at Risk

I witnessed Orbán crack down on Hungary’s free press. Here’s my advice to journalists facing similar threats

When you come under attack as a journalist, don’t make yourself the center of the story


The Media Wrongly Helped Destroy Timothy Taylor’s Life. Here’s How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes Again

The young, Black teen was never charged in connection with the Brittanee Drexel case. News outlets should never have reported his name

Reporting at Risk

Judges, Too, Can Be Enemies of the Press

In Malaysia, news organizations can find themselves on the losing end of expensive lawsuits

Reporting at Risk

Piercing Putin’s Truth Blockade

A handful of courageous Russian journalists are fighting on the frontline of an information war. It is a battle that affects us all

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Companies Rely On Journalism To Not Cover Tech. Here’s How To

“Security guru” Bruce Schneier on good data hygiene for journalists, how newsrooms can protect their staff from cyberattacks, and more

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Rukhshana Media: “Do Not Forget Afghanistan”

Zahra Joya, founder and editor of Rukhshana Media, spoke with the Nieman Foundation after being honored with the Louis M. Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism


Why Newsrooms Are Collaborating to Take on Ambitious Reporting Projects

By working together, news organizations can expand both their resources and reach


The Press and the Presidency, from Washington to Trump

Since the nation’s early years, presidents have manipulated the press to strengthen their own power, a new book shows


Want Better Coverage of Threats to Democracy? Diversify Newsrooms

If our industry met any of the diversity goals set over the past few decades, it would be easier for us to grapple with what’s happening today


In Mexico, “Even the President Thinks Journalists are the Enemy”

In our April 2022 newsletter: How violence and economics are threatening Mexico's local newsrooms, and introducing a new Nieman Reports series

Reporting at Risk

In Mexico, A Mix of Violence and Economics Threatens Local News Organizations

Newspapers once had the financial strength to resist pressure from politicians looking for favorable coverage. That independence is in danger