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Journalism Must Be an Act of Community-Building

Building better news systems through collective power, shared trust, and radical imagination


Journalists Can Help People Tell Their Own Stories by Talking Less, Listening More

“Our role is facilitator instead of interpreter, catalyst instead of judge”


Newsrooms Should Make Space for Emotions

Fostering more empathetic, honest, and grounded newsrooms will produce deeper storytelling

Opinion: Ethics

Bob Woodward and the Ethics of the Presidential Scoop

Why Woodward should have reported his Trump interviews long before “Rage” came out


Before You Can Fix Your Newsroom, You Need to Fix Your Life

“Those bookshelves in your Zoom backdrop should overflow with literature that challenges your world view”


Want Diverse Newsrooms? Unions Push for Pay Equity As a Path Forward

“If we can’t make bold changes now, it seems like we never will”


Journalists Need to Remember that Not All News Readers are White

Dear Journalism: Audiences of national media have too long been presumed to be white. A New York Times editor argues it’s time to change that


How Objectivity Can Make Audiences Cynical about Politics—and Journalism

Holding fast to outmoded ideas of objectivity can introduce its own set of biases

International Journalism

The Risks of Relying on Citizen Journalists to Cover the War in Syria

After Assad’s regime made the country inaccessible for journalists, Syrian citizens stepped in, creating safety concerns and ethical dilemmas


Is Movement Journalism What’s Needed During this Reckoning over Race and Inequality?

A movement journalist examines what it means to engage with communities and challenge the status quo