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Live @ Lippmann

Talking race in America and diversity in journalism with “Takeaway” host Tanzina Vega

The WNYC journalist says newsrooms have to get better at who is sitting at the table

Covering and Reducing Political Polarization and Conflict

A new white paper prepared by Nieman Reports explores how journalists are experimenting with new techniques to foster civil discourse and understanding

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

The Local News Trust Spiral: From Agents of Truth to Accusations of “Fake News”

A reporter returned to Gillette, Wyoming—and the family-owned paper where he got his start—to find a tense and tenuous relationship between local journalists and their community


International Reporting Must Distinguish Hindu Nationalism from Hinduism

Western media need to describe the full context and complexities of religion and politics in India

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Turkey: No More Empathizing with the Perpetrator

More reporting that educates the public about gender stereotypes is needed

What Journalists Can Do To Report More Effectively — and Compassionately — on Gun Violence

Ten ways to constructively cover gun violence by applying a “public health model”

Live @ Lippmann

Teju Cole on What Needs to Change to Better Cover Stories in “Foreign” Countries

The writer discusses the responsibility that comes with freedom, the “othering” of people in other countries, and “crimes committed by us in the collective”

Opinion: Ethics

An Open Letter to Troy Closson, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Northwestern

Veteran journalists need voices like yours to expose our tradition bias