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Live @ Lippmann

“1968 was a moment when [the idea of liberal media bias] got nationalized”

Media studies scholar Heather Hendershot on Walter Cronkite, Mayor Daley, and coverage of the Chicago Democratic Convention  


A Historian’s Approach to Journalism

"Journalism became a vehicle to pursue the kinds of narratives that first got me interested in history: those that question the official story and defy power"

More Power to Low-Power FM

“Hudson Mohawk Magazine” demonstrates how hyperlocal news shows can make their limited broadcast range their strength rather than a limitation

Now Hear This: Augmented Reality Comes to Audio

The next step in wearable audio is content customized for a listener’s location. What could this mean for news organizations?

Opinion: Ethics

Journalism after the Mueller Report and the Barr Summary

Now is not the time to back off coverage of the Trump-Russia story

Live @ Lippmann

“The bubble is getting bigger, but not bursting”

Podcasting pioneers Julie Shapiro and Jake Shapiro on the state of the business, the importance of audience engagement, and brand building


Why the Stories of Everyday Moments Matter

The only way to get at truth is to get out of the newsroom and report with all your senses—and your heart

Opinion: Ethics

BuzzFeed, Michael Cohen, and Media Credibility

Journalists would better serve the public—and their own credibility—by avoiding oversimplified narratives that mislead more than they clarify


The Israeli News Industry After Netanyahu

Expected criminal charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implicate the country’s news outlets, too. Journalists must make amends—and make changes—to regain the public’s trust