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Opinion: Ethics

Tara Reade’s Allegations and Trauma-Informed Reporting

Understanding trauma improves coverage of sexual assault allegations, but reporters often still can’t answer all the questions that need to be answered

“Permission to be human”: TV Journalists Crying on Camera Is Understandable

As coronavirus stories unfold, pain and sorrow are everywhere

Pandemic Project Asks What is Needed to Keep Journalism Viable

The International Center for Journalists and the Tow Center launch survey to assess impact of Covid-19 and reimagine journalism's future

Niemans @ Work

Lessons Learned from Investigating Corruption in Peru — and Facing Blowback

Reporting by Gustavo Gorriti, a 1986 Nieman Fellow, leads to an overhaul of government in Peru


Australian Media’s Fight for Press Freedom Should Be a Lesson to Journalists Worldwide

Even in a liberal democracy like Australia’s, media freedom is easy to lose — and can be hard to get back


“Privilege the voices”: NPR’s Carrie Johnson on the power of active listening

Active listening is a powerful way to come together, even as the coronavirus keeps us apart

Deep Listening Project Helps Milwaukee Reflect on Democracy

Cutting through the noise, “This is Milwaukee” explores citizenship and community representation


Covering Climate Change and Countering Skepticism in Australia

Australian journalists deconstruct falsehoods while coming up with creative ways to tell a complex story


As Europe Confronts Coronavirus, the Media Faces a Trust Test

How coverage of the coronavirus in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany has impacted trust in news outlets


Sports Journalism Must Pivot to Public Service Journalism

Sports journalists need to hold pro leagues and college programs medically, socially, and ethically accountable for return-to-play scenarios


Journalists in Ecuador Fight the Pandemic and Limits on Official Information

Reporters are dying of Covid-19 as media outlets cover one of the biggest outbreaks in South America


Three Ways To Counter Authoritarian Overreach During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Journalists are on the front lines in the battle against censorship, but civil society organizations, academia, and cross-border collaborations can help