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Are Journalists More Trusted than New Brands?

An experience in podcasting sheds light on the answer

Niemans @ Work

A Retort to the Toxic Myth of the Self-Made in America

Alissa Quart, NF ’10, on the reporting behind her book “Bootstrapped”

Niemans @ Work

What Questions Should We Be Raising in These Uncertain Times? 

Chong-ae Lee, NF ’13, on the value of taking a step back and looking at the big picture


Six Months Ago NPR Left Twitter. The Effects Have Been Negligible

The numbers confirm what many of us have long suspected — that Twitter wasn’t worth the effort, at least in terms of traffic


Hey Journalists, Nobody Is Coming to Save Us

In an era of mass layoffs and buyouts, it’s up to each and every one of us to be ready for the churn


“A Lot of People Got Really Rich Off of What Happened Here:” How Hedge Funds Helped Destroy Local News

Margot Susca’s forthcoming book, “Hedged,” unravels the history of how the ultrawealthy are taking over America’s newspapers

Live @ Lippmann

“To Allow Yourself to be Seen So That You Can See Others is Very Powerful”

Harvard Kennedy School Professor Marshall Ganz on leadership and the power of narrative for social change


Half a Billion Dollars for Local News

From the September newsletter: A coalition of over two dozen foundations commits $500 million to local news


The Press Forward Multiplier Effect

A commitment of a half billion dollars has the potential to help generate billions more in new support for local news 


9 Hard Truths About Reviving Local News

$500 million in philanthropic funding is a start, but let’s make sure we’re focusing on the right things


Diversity is at Risk in Twitter’s New Era

The changes to the platform pave an uncertain future for young, diverse voices in journalism


How to Pay Freelancers More Without Increasing Your Newsroom Budget  

Follow these steps to create a more loyal, reliable, and productive contributor pool