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Amidst Crackdowns, Kashmiri Journalists Struggle to Report

With communication restrictions creating dueling narratives of what's happening, Kashmiri journalists are fighting to keep people informed

How Writing Off the Working Class Has Hurt the Mainstream Media

A 1951 Nieman Foundation conference on labor reporting tells us what we are missing in reporting today

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Photographing Domestic Violence: Showing Uncomfortable Truths

Where is the line between respecting the needs of survivors or the deceased and the public’s need to know?

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Chile: Calling Out Femicide

There is growing pressure on the media not to romanticize femicide as a “crime melodrama”

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Kenya: Stop Blaming Women

Much reporting tends to blame women for their own deaths while providing sympathetic coverage of alleged perpetrators

Cover Story: Covering Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in China: Educating the Public

A new law making domestic violence a civil infraction is increasing awareness of the abuse one in four married women have experienced

From the Curator

“If You Want to Save Democracy, You First Must Save Yourself”

With the U.S. president no longer defending the essential role of journalism in a democracy, news outlets worldwide step up their fight for survival


Political Polarization and the Press

What coverage of a 1951 Dartmouth-Princeton football game says about partisanship—and what journalism can do to address it

Opinion: Ethics

Mueller’s Testimony: Journalists Allow “Optics” to Triumph Over Substance

From Colin Powell’s 2003 U.N. presentation to Robert Mueller’s Russia testimony, reporters have prioritized the optics instead of the journalism

Opinion: Ethics

Trump’s “Go Back” Tweet: This Is What Racism Looks Like

White journalists have to get over their blind spots and start calling out racism