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Reimagining Latinx Representation in American Journalism 

Newsrooms need to find journalists who represent the communities on which they report


Changes at VOA Threaten the Free Press — At Home and Abroad

Political bias would discredit U.S. global news services, undermining press freedom and democracy

Opinion: Ethics

Will This Racial Reckoning Finally Force Newsrooms to Listen to Every Staffer’s Voice?

To some, it’s the end of objectivity; to others, it’s long overdue. In the end, it’s about making journalism better


A Journalist Wrestles with the Complex History of Racism in America

Watch and listen as Issac J. Bailey reflects on what he learned about race in America from a visit to Ghana


Is More Speech the Way to Counter Bad Speech?

The challenge for the media: Defining the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s not


Countries Locking Up Journalists May Have a New Slogan: “It Happens in America, Too”

A Serbian reporter on why what happens to journalists in the U.S. is relevant to journalists everywhere


With Press Freedom in Sharp Decline, a Russian Journalist Turns to Political Activism

“Never in modern Russian history have the media and reporters been so disempowered as they are now”

Opinion: Ethics

Tara Reade’s Allegations and Trauma-Informed Reporting

Understanding trauma improves coverage of sexual assault allegations, but reporters often still can’t answer all the questions that need to be answered

“Permission to be human”: TV Journalists Crying on Camera Is Understandable

As coronavirus stories unfold, pain and sorrow are everywhere

Pandemic Project Asks What is Needed to Keep Journalism Viable

The International Center for Journalists and the Tow Center launch survey to assess impact of Covid-19 and reimagine journalism's future

Election ’20: The Role of Local News

Without a Campaign to Cover, Reporters Shift to Covering the Voting Process Itself

While Covid-19 has derailed the 2020 presidential campaign, it may actually improve coverage of it by shifting focus to a crucial issue — access to the ballot

Niemans @ Work

Lessons Learned from Investigating Corruption in Peru — and Facing Blowback

Reporting by Gustavo Gorriti, a 1986 Nieman Fellow, leads to an overhaul of government in Peru