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Standing Up to Corruption and Violence

Jaemark Tordecilla, NF ‘24, on the harassment, brutality, and financial pressures faced by journalists in the Philippines

Live @ Lippmann

‘Social Media is a Crime Scene’

Joan Donovan on the chaos of disinformation and how to navigate a “splintered” reality online


In Illinois, Two Bills Aim to Put Reporters Back into Communities

Steve Stadelman, a former journalist turned state senator, explains why the government needs to support local journalism.


Want to Reach Gen Z? Prioritize Young Voices

Student journalists are key to engaging a critical demographic ahead of the 2024 election.

Visual Journalism

A Moment of Deep Sorrow on the U.S.-Mexico Border

What it looks like when we humanize the migrants coming to America


The Story Behind the Execution of AP Reporter Joseph Morton During WW2

A new book examines the work of The Associated Press in covering Nazi Germany.


Generation #Branded

Teaching students how to live up to the trust news consumers have in social media has become a top focus for many journalism schools.


News Organizations Are Leaving Twitter. What About You?

Even with Twitter losing credibility, leaving the platform requires a significant shift in how journalists track developing news. That’s easier said than done.


Journalism Needs Leaders Who Know How to Run a Business

These are the five crucial skills for the next generation of media leaders in the era of community-centric journalism.


Let’s Retire the “Leaving Journalism” Fallacy

Your career as a journalist doesn’t have to be a one-way trip.