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The Newsroom Is Dead. Long Live the Newsroom!

Covid has forced true change, much of it long overdue. Now journalists — editors and reporters alike — must resist the temptation to return to pre-pandemic rhythms


Keeping the Abolitionist Press Alive in Pre-Civil War America

Ken Ellingwood examines the life of abolitionist journalist and newspaper editor Elijah Parish Lovejoy in his new book, "First to Fall: Elijah Lovejoy and the Fight for a Free Press in the Age of Slavery"


The Old Normal Is Not the Normal Journalism Needs

The opening of newsrooms is filled with hope and fear. But we need human contact to feel human, and we need to feel human to report the stories of humanity


What Newsrooms Can Learn About Trust from Coverage of the AstraZeneca Vaccine

Trust needs to be continually earned. That’s a lesson newsrooms all over the world are learning, sometimes the hard way


Food Writing Needs to Balance Service Journalism with Hard News

Food journalism isn’t just for readers privileged enough to obsess over where to spend their money dining out


For Political Reporters, There Will Be No “Return to Normal”

After the pandemic, America will be different. It will take all our skills – traditional and those we learned in the crisis – to cover the new reality


During Covid, Journalists Were Less Packaged. Let’s Keep It That Way

To ensure a healthier industry filled with healthier people, newsrooms must take the whole of the journalist into account in ways that weren’t always true pre-pandemic

Live @ Lippmann

Futuro Media Group’s Maria Hinojosa: “It Was Out of Frustration that Futuro Was Built”

The pioneering journalist on covering Latinx communities, integrating BIPOC narratives into the mainstream, and covering immigration with depth and nuance


How Newsrooms, Journalists, and Their Peers Can Combat Online Violence

A culture shift is needed in the media industry to take online violence as seriously as physical violence