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A New Kind of Partnership: Journalists and Civil Society Organizations Are Teaming Up

The practice upends the industry’s drive for neutrality. But cross-field collaborations are becoming more commonplace to help bolster investigative work


One Reason The Jan. 6 Insurrection Failed: The Press Didn’t Play Along

The U.S. should look to Latin America to understand the role the free press plays in stopping a coup


We Asked Journalists to Share What It’s Like Working with Other Newsrooms. Here’s What They Told Us

In many cases, collaborating helped create more ambitious accountability journalism


Viral Abortion Story Shows How Fact Checkers Shouldn’t Publish Until They Have … Facts

Some journalists were quick to doubt the story of the 10-year-old rape victim's pregnancy, revealing the challenge of covering sensitive stories

Reporting at Risk

In Ghana, Only a Handful of Journalists Are Able To Do Critical Reporting

On paper, Ghana is a thriving democracy. On the ground, journalists do not have the freedom to do their work


Why Newsrooms Must Prioritize Covering State Legislatures

From abortion rights to education spending to access to voting, state lawmakers are front and center in determining what rights will be afforded to their citizens

Niemans @ Work

What About the Boys? The Sex Trafficking of Young Males

Jenifer McKim, NF ’08, and Phillip Martin, NF ’98, detail their groundbreaking series, ‘Unseen’

Reporting at Risk

The Myanmar Junta’s Wanton Violence Is Forcing Journalists to Flee

Exiled reporters are finding it difficult to reach sources back home, who are increasingly afraid to talk

Reporting at Risk

“We Should Side with Democracy:” Why the War in Ukraine is Existential for Baltic Journalists

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic states’ independent media reckon with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine