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Opinion: Diversity

How Journalists of Color Are Redefining Newsroom Culture

For decades, news organizations have talked about the importance of diversity. Now it’s time to make it work

Opinion: Ethics

The New Yorker’s Real Mistake with Bannon

Who has the media been ignoring because it’s given so much attention to Bannon and others who think like him?


Help Wanted: West Virginia Is Looking for the Next Generation of Local Newspaper Owners

The West Virginia Press Association and West Virginia University are launching a new effort to replenish the shrinking pool of independent community news publishers

Opinion: Ethics

When Is It OK for Journalists To Be Activists?

There are times when it’s not only ok but imperative for journalists to become active participants around issues

Opinion: Ethics

Give Back the Bracelet: Ali Watkins and the Ethics of Source Relationships

Adhering to bright ethical guidelines makes it easier to push back against unwelcome government intrusion into journalistic work

Opinion: Trust and the Media

Why CALmatters Created Its Own Midterm Election Guide

At a time when the media is struggling to regain public trust, a nonpartisan voter guide could help

Opinion: Ethics

What the IG Report on the Clinton Email Investigation Means for Journalists

Traditional journalistic structures were used against our democracy in the 2016 election. We can’t let it happen again

Why Local Journalism Makes a Difference

At Global Press Journal, speaking the local languages and understanding local customs is key to telling culturally appropriate stories


The End of the Ad World as We Knew It

In “Frenemies,” media reporter Ken Auletta examines the collateral damage wrought by an age of consumers living an ad-free existence


Murder and the Making of a Journalist

In “My Brother Moochie,” Issac J. Bailey investigates the murder his oldest brother committed and comes to terms with difficult truths