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The Threat—and Opportunity—COVID-19 Brings to Hungary’s Embattled Journalists

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is ratcheting up pressure on independent news outlets. But coronavirus coverage can demonstrate the value of a free press


In Mexico, Coronavirus Coverage Meets a Familiar Government Response: Accuse the Press

Health officials have urged isolation, while Mexico’s president has held rallies. Reporters are looking to each other for support while covering these contradictory messages


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Coverage of the Kent State Shootings Through the Eyes of a Young Editor

A new book by Robert Giles, editor at an Ohio paper on May 4, 1970, details how he and his staff sorted fact from fiction


COVID-19, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and the Future of Local News

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is doing what local journalists do every day: Give communities the honest, direct, and thoughtful facts they need during difficult times


How to Cover Climate Change like We’re Covering the Coronavirus

Lessons from coronavirus coverage for the next health crisis story—climate change


Lessons from the Italian Media’s Coverage of the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is challenging how journalists deal with both misinformation and scientific information

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Rappler’s Maria Ressa Recommends How to Tame the Corrosive Effects of Social Media

Maria Ressa, a Time magazine Person of the Year, on the “atom bomb” that has gone off in our information ecosystem and what is needed to counter it


On the Outside Looking In: China Expels American Journalists

A diminished foreign press corps means less visibility for the rest of the world


Journalism and Prediction during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Journalists are trained to stick to the facts. But when reporting on a pandemic, responsible predictions are essential to fully informing the public

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Journalist Jerry Mitchell on Interviewing Klansmen, Investigating Cold Cases, and His Newest Book

In Jerry Mitchell's memoir, "Race Against Time," he takes readers on a journey while reopening unsolved murder cases from the Civil Rights Era

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Learn How Radio Ambulante, a Spanish-Language Podcast, Built a Devoted Audience

With a little help from NPR, the podcast creators went from not taking a salary to skyrocketing growth

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Is Biden’s Stutter Being Mistaken for “Cognitive Decline”?

Biden’s verbal stumbles may be explained not by cognitive problems but by his lifelong battle with stuttering. Journalists should provide that context