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International Journalism

“Whenever One Journalist is Injured, It’s an Injury to All of Us,” says Hopewell Chin’ono

After he was imprisoned for 45 days, the Zimbabwean journalist talks about exposing government corruption, supporting press freedom and what's next

From the Curator

Thought Leaders in Journalism on How to Meet the Challenges of This Moment

Journalists from AP, CNN, ESPN, Futuro Media, The New York Times, Press On, and elsewhere offer their prescriptions for what the news industry needs to do


Journalists Need to Create a Sense of Belonging

Progress on racial equity starts with a steadfast commitment to constant newsroom evolution


Newsrooms Need a Plan to Diversify Investigative Teams, Too

Having a variety of backgrounds on investigative teams is key to accountability journalism

Live @ Lippmann

Avoiding “Vaccine Nationalism” and Other Perspectives on Covid from Dr. Ashish Jha

Dr. Jha discusses what went wrong with the U.S. response to the pandemic and the imperative to get accurate information to the public


Journalism Must Be an Act of Community-Building

Building better news systems through collective power, shared trust, and radical imagination


Journalists Can Help People Tell Their Own Stories by Talking Less, Listening More

“Our role is facilitator instead of interpreter, catalyst instead of judge”


Newsrooms Should Make Space for Emotions

Fostering more empathetic, honest, and grounded newsrooms will produce deeper storytelling

Opinion: Ethics

Bob Woodward and the Ethics of the Presidential Scoop

Why Woodward should have reported his Trump interviews long before “Rage” came out