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Opinion December 15, 1998

October 6, 1998 New York City To the Editor: The question asked in your review [Fall 1998] of the Robert D. Richards’ book “Freedom’s Choice” about the right of the editor vs. that of the publisher of a newspaper … Read more

Locating the Citizens’ Pulse

By Books December 15, 1998

If the 1998 elections represented the maturation of “public journalism,” then pre-election news coverage should have reflected more astutely the concerns and motivations of voters rather than the spin of professional image-makers and pundits. In North Carolina, where I work, … Read more

Cataloging Journalism’s Concerns

By Books December 15, 1998

Richard Reeves, old tad reporter of the finest kind, tells us in salty, joyous prose exactly how and why journalism has metamorphosized. No fooling around. And guess what, this former New York Timesman does not despair as much as one … Read more

Dancing to a Different Tune

By Journalist’s Trade December 15, 1998

Before there were Internet news providers, newspapers rarely published the reporting they gathered more than twice a day. Before 24-hour cable news channels, even extraordinary footage usually had to wait for nightly network programming. But today, so much about the … Read more

What Numbers Can Tell Us

Journalist’s Trade December 15, 1998

336% = the percentage increase in coverage of homicide on NBC, ABC, and CBS nightly news between 1990 and 1995. During this time, homicide arrests dropped by 13%. 99% = the percent of violent deaths of children that occurred outside … Read more