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Blogging in Iran

International Journalism June 15, 2009

September 2001 – First Iranian blog appears on the Internet. November 2001 – Blogger Hossein Derakhshan develops a step-by-step guide to blogging in Farsi. RELATED ARTICLE “Attempting to Silence Iran’s ‘Weblogistan’” … Read more

Summer 2009: Introduction

By International Journalism June 11, 2009

Journalists — Iranians and Westerners — share their firsthand experiences as they write about the challenges they confront in gathering and distributing news and information about Iran and its people. Their words and images offer a rare blend of insights about journalists’ lives and work in Iran. In the fifth part of our 21st Century Muckrakers series about investigative and watchdog reporting, the focus turns to coverage of issues involving public health, safety and trust. And in Words & Reflections, essays touch on objectivity, religion, blogging, Ireland and post 9/11 America. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more