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Killing Journalists with Impunity

By Watchdog October 20, 2015

When the committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) launched its 2015 Global Impunity Index—a survey of countries with the worst records for solving the murders of journalists—it was no surprise that Mexico, a country with a long track … Read more

Rescue and Death Along the Border

By Features September 15, 2006

Photos and captions by Pat Shannahan/The Arizona Republic. Photos printed with permission. Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue [Borstar] agent Lance Dehler helps walk Nageli Contreras to safety after rescuing her from a … Read more

Death in the Desert

By Features September 15, 2006

The Arizona Republic started tracking undocumented immigrant deaths in 2003 using medical examiner, foreign consulate, and law enforcement reports. Susan Carroll wrote the following words to introduce a published list of the 205 bodies or skeletal remains found that year … Read more