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The Press Forward Multiplier Effect

By Opinion September 7, 2023

A nonpartisan group of 22 foundations today announced the launch of Press Forward, a nationwide coalition committing more than $500 million over five years to help reinvigorate local news in America. Local news, including the once-thriving newspaper business, has been … Read more

How Journalists Can Protect Their Sources

By Newsletter August 7, 2023

From the assistant editor What would you do if you knew TikTok was tracking your whereabouts? That’s what happened to Forbes tech reporter Emily Baker-White while she was investigating ByteDance, the China-based firm that runs TikTok. But Baker-White’s primary concern was … Read more

A Farewell From the Editor

By Newsletter July 26, 2023

From the editor In Hong Kong you can buy a souvenir keychain with “I am a HongKonger” written on it in Chinese characters. Flip the keychain around, though, and the same characters in reverse read: “Add fuel!” “Add fuel!” is a … Read more