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‘It’s a Record That Can’t Be Erased’ 

Live @ Lippmann May 20, 2024

As editor-in-chief and executive producer of Frontline, PBS’ flagship investigative news program, Raney Aronson-Rath oversees the production of about 20 documentaries every year. But last year, one Frontline documentary stood out from the rest. “20 Days in Mariupol” is … Read more

After the Flood

By Visual Journalism April 25, 2024

The heavy rain had been pounding for three days straight. I peered through the raindrops running down my window as  streaks of lightning crackled and thunder echoed in the distance above the mountains.  News started to trickle in. Record rains. Read more

‘Unparalleled and Unprecedented’

By Features April 4, 2024

Ten years ago, AP photographer Anya Niedringhaus died in Afghanistan, shot dead in her car by a fanatical police officer who also badly wounded her close friend, AP journalist Kathy Gannon. Killings of journalists in Afghanistan, Gaza, and Syria in … Read more

‘Social Media is a Crime Scene’

Live @ Lippmann March 18, 2024

As one of the world’s leading experts on media manipulation and disinformation, Joan Donovan studies the darker side of the internet — online threats, conspiracy theories, extremist rhetoric, to name just a few examples. Donovan is an assistant professor of … Read more

A History of the AR-15

By Niemans @ Work March 12, 2024

Cameron McWhirter, NF ’07, on the reporting behind the book “American Gun”  Zusha Elinson and I are reporters for The Wall Street Journal. He works out of San Francisco; I work out of Atlanta. We’ve covered a lot of mass … Read more