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Margarita Martinez

Margarita Martinez, a 2009 Nieman Fellow, is a journalist and documentarian. She started her career as a reporter for the Associated Press in Columbia, where she covered civil conflict, gangs, and negotiations between the government and insurgent groups. Her latest film, The Negotiation, documents the behind-the-scenes between the Colombian government and the FAR guerillas after 50-plus years of conflict.

From Threatened Censorship to Box Office Hit: Many Colombians rallied behind a documentary by Margarita Martinez, NF ’09, about the long difficult path to peace

By Niemans @ Work January 22, 2019

I was ready for the premiere of my film. For five years, I’d been working on a behind-the-scenes documentary about the torturous and ultimately successful negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas. “The Negotiation”—“La Negociación” … Read more