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A Native of Nowhere

By Books January 29, 2014

Nathaniel Nakasa left Harvard in the spring of 1965 ambivalent about his experience as a Nieman Fellow. According to his biographer Ryan Brown, he found studying race as an academic subject immensely frustrating. Read more

Make an Entrance

By Niemans @ Work January 29, 2014

I think I should just come right out and admit it: I’ve become obsessed with gates. I don’t dream of them, but I fixate on them. Even when the word “gate” isn’t in italics or boldface type, it jumps … Read more

Exploring Harvard’s Gates

January 29, 2014

The wrought-iron decoration of the Class of 1881 Gate stands out in silhouette against the blazing white backdrop of Harvard’s neo-classical Littauer Center Students pass through the imposing Class … Read more

Telling Malala’s Story

By Niemans @ Work January 29, 2014

Five years ago when I interviewed a schoolmaster campaigning against Taliban who had taken over his remote mountain valley of Swat in northern Pakistan, I couldn’t imagine how it would change my life. He was the father of Malala … Read more

“Access Is Overrated”

By Live @ Lippmann January 29, 2014

Watch video of Jane Mayer’s presentation at the Nieman Foundation’s 75th Anniversary celebration Before joining The New Yorker in 1995, Jane Mayer spent 12 years as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where she … Read more

Season of Dreams

By From the Curator January 29, 2014

Winter is Nieman’s season of dreams. The applications pour in from elite newsrooms and single-person startups, from G8 nations and nearly invisible economies. Most of the international files arrive electronically, but some come to us handwritten, penned and pieced … Read more

Cold, Hard Facts to Cold, Hard Cash

By Watchdog January 29, 2014

inewsource grew out of the desperation that was sweeping newsrooms across the country in 2009. I was a senior editor for metro and investigations at The San Diego Union-Tribune, and I’d spent way too much time discussing potential layoffs. Read more

Nimble with Numbers

By Watchdog January 29, 2014

John A. McDermott founded The Chicago Reporter in 1972. Despite his best intentions, the Reporter is still around today. A civil rights activist who stood with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during his 1966 fair housing campaign in … Read more

Surveillance and Security

By January 9, 2014

The National Security Agency has been accused of collecting data from the servers of web companies like Google, whose data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa is pictured here. Image courtesy … Read more

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