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Tom Regan

Tom Regan, a 1992 Nieman Fellow, works as a consultant for J-Lab, the Institute for Interactive Journalism. He was executive director of the Online News Association, a news/politics blogger for NPR, and he also worked in various editorial positions for for 12 years.

The Triumph Of Text

By Technology September 15, 1998

I’m not very good at prognostication, although I have had my moments. I predicted in January of 1992 that Bill Clinton would become president. (I have witnesses, I swear.) I predicted that the Denver Broncos would win last year’s Super … Read more

On-line Profits From News Must Wait

By Technology June 15, 1998

In the three years or so that media organizations have operated on-line news sites very few, if any, have made a profit. There aren’t many success stories to highlight. The best-known example of a soon-to-be profitable news site is The … Read more

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