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Alternate Forms of Transportation

Opinion March 15, 1998

BOSTON To the Editor: As a journalist and author (of “Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back”), I was pleased to see the last issue of Nieman Reports concentrating on … Read more

When Is More Less?

Opinion March 15, 1998

NEW YORK To the Editor: I’m delighted that my letter of some months ago asking [Tom Regan, Nieman Reports technology columnist] to explain the differences between reporting for the conventional media and reporting for the Internet provided him with column … Read more

Spring 1998: Watchdog Introduction

Watchdog March 15, 1998

This issue on Watchdog Journalism originated with a call by Murrey Marder, the retired Washington Post Diplomatic Correspondent, for a return to more aggressive, but responsible, reporting. The package begins with two articles on the media's handling of the accusations that President Clinton had an improper sexual relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky. Excerpts from a seminar by Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, follow. Then we offer position papers on the status of watchdog journalism in four areas—the economic sector, state and local government, national security and nonprofit organizations. Read more

Inspecting Road Sites

Opinion March 15, 1998

LOUISVILLE To the Editor: No country in the world can match the United States for extravagant use and waste of its resources. And nothing reveals waste more than our pell-mell pursuit of expensive suburban mobility by over-dosage of highway expansion. Read more

A Dozen Tips for Stories About Nonprofits

By Features March 15, 1998

A dozen story suggestions from editors, reporters and nonprofit leaders: Nonproflts that deliver. Gather information on all major nonprofits serving your area, and compare the amount of resources they devote to solving problems, paying salaries, covering administrative costs and raising … Read more

Misappropriation of Public Resource

By Local News March 15, 1998

Most of the seasoned journalists, that is, people who began in the 80’s or were studying in the 80’s.. .feel very uncomfortable about what’s happening. And they do not speak because they have mortgages, they need to feed families, they … Read more