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Hedrick Smith, NF ’70

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Smith recalls his time as a member of the team at the Times that worked on the Pentagon Papers. For three months, Neil Sheehan and I disappeared into the mass anonymity of a 24th- floor … Read more

George Rodrigue, NF ’90

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Rodrigue and Craig Flournoy won The Dallas Morning News’s first Pulitzer for their investigation into the racial discrimination and segregation pervading public housing in East Texas and across the country. Despite federal laws prohibiting racial discrimination, the nearly 10 … Read more

Stan Grossfeld, NF ’92

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

In 1984, Grossfeld and Globe reporter Colin Nickerson hooked up with a rebel group bringing a food convoy from Sudan to Ethiopia. As Grossfeld recalls, they traveled at night and hid by day to avoid detection. I can still … Read more

Anthony Lewis, NF ’57

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Lewis wrote a series of articles about Abraham Chasanow, a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy who—deemed a security risk for allegedly having communist associations—was suspended from his job for 14 months. The articles helped clear Chasanow’s name and got … Read more

Dale Maharidge, NF ’88

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Maharidge and Williamson revisited rural Alabama to find out what happened to the families of the poor sharecroppers chronicled by another writer-photographer pair, James Agee and Walker Evans, in the 1941 book “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” In the … Read more

Gene Miller, NF ’68

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Miller won the first of two Pulitzers for his investigations into the cases of two people wrongfully convicted of murder. Both were released from prison as a result of Miller’s work. This is a personal account of a 2½-year … Read more

Stanley Forman, NF ’80

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

Forman won the Pulitzer for Spot News Photography two years in a row, the second time, in 1977, for “The Soiling of Old Glory.” In a recent interview, he talks about the photo—taken at a demonstration against court-ordered desegregation busing … Read more

Anne Hull, NF ’95

Pulitzer Centennial August 2, 2016

The Washington Post’s investigation into the neglect and mistreatment of wounded veterans and the deplorable conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center incited a public outcry and prompted a number of reforms. Hull and colleague … Read more