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Gilbert M. Gaul, NF ’83

Pulitzer Centennial August 9, 2016

Gaul’s five-part investigative series “The Blood Brokers” exposed safety issues and lax federal regulation of the blood industry. Last December, the Community Blood Center in Appleton, Wis., made a public appeal for blood. Residents were … Read more

Mary Jordan, NF ’90

Pulitzer Centennial August 9, 2016

Jordan and her husband Kevin Sullivan, co-bureau chiefs of the Post’s Mexico City bureau, were recognized for their exposure of the treacherous and unjust conditions in the Mexico criminal justice system. The cop looked Jimmy … Read more

Raquel Rutledge, NF ’12

Pulitzer Centennial August 8, 2016

In the investigative series “Cashing in on Kids,” Rutledge exposed the poor oversight and fraud that were hallmarks of Wisconsin’s $350 million taxpayer-subsidized child-care system. Her stories prompted a crackdown on fraudulent daycare providers. The … Read more

Alex S. Jones, NF ’82

Pulitzer Centennial August 8, 2016

“In bringing up my children, I somehow did not get across to them that people have to make compromises,” said Barry Bingham Sr., patriarch of a Kentucky family known for its 20th-century media empire. Jones … Read more

Madeleine Blais, NF ’86

Pulitzer Centennial August 8, 2016

In the 1970s World War I veteran Edward Zepp frequently showed up in Florida newsrooms, trying to interest a reporter in his battle to get his military release status upgraded from “general discharge” to “honorable discharge.” … Read more

William K. Marimow, NF ’83

Pulitzer Centennial August 8, 2016

Marimow’s series of articles exposed that city police dogs had attacked more than 350 people—often without justification—and led to investigations of the Philadelphia Police Department’s K-9 unit, resulting in the removal of more than a dozen officers. Read more