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The Wide Web of Innovation

Journalist’s Trade March 19, 2012

In chronicling the evolution of news, the Nieman Journalism Lab tracks start-ups, identifies innovations, and shares lessons about how quality journalism can thrive in the Internet age. Not every success can be duplicated in another market or niche but by … Read more

The Great Young Hope

By Technology March 19, 2012

I wish I could say that revolutionizing newsrooms like the one I left at the Los Angeles Times in January 2008 is all that’s needed to change the fortunes of American journalism. But I can’t. RELATED ARTICLE … Read more

Empty Nest Syndrome

By Opinion March 19, 2012

RELATED ARTICLE “Turn the Newsroom Inside Out” – Mike PrideLike any institution, today’s Concord Monitor is captive to past decisions. Just over two decades ago, before cell phones and the … Read more