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Jan Gardner

Jan Gardner is senior editor at Nieman Reports. She formerly worked at The Boston Globe and Inc.com, among other news outlets.

James Risen’s First Amendment Battle

By Watchdog February 13, 2014

For six years, New York Times national security reporter James Risen has been fighting to keep his promise of anonymity to a source who told him about a failed CIA initiative. The latest round started last month when Risen asked the U.S. Supreme Court to recognize his First Amendment right to protect his source. If the justices don’t accept his case or rule against Risen, he’ll have to take the stand or risk going to jail. Read more

Niemans Cover the Boston Marathon Bombs

By April 16, 2013

A selection of stories by Niemans about the Boston attacks The explosions at the Boston Marathon made front-page news around the world, with Liberation in Paris, El Pais in Madrid, and The Jerusalem Post in Israel carrying coverage … Read more

J. Anthony Lukas Book Prizes

By Nieman Notes July 10, 2012

From left, prize winners Daniel J. Sharfstein, Jonathan M. Katz, and Sophia Rosenfeld. Jonathan Alter, right, is chairman of the J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project Committee. Photo by Lisa Abitbol. J. Anthony Lukas’s … Read more