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Summer 2010: Introduction

By Technology June 14, 2010

Explore the emerging realms of digital territory where news and information reside—or will soon. It’s a place where game playing thrives and augmented reality tugs at possibilities. It’s where video excels, while the appetite for long-form text and the experience of “deep reading” is diminished, and it’s where the allure of multitasking greets the crush of information. Learn how young people negotiate their journey, and travel inside the brain to discover its capacities in the digital realm.  Dig deeper into topics covered in the magazine by clicking on the books in our digital library to reveal selected videos, articles, blogs and Web sites. —Melissa Ludtke, Editor Visit Our Digital Library »   Read more

Summer 2010: Class Notes

By Nieman Notes June 11, 2010

Headliner Awards for Print and Radio Journalism Three Nieman Fellows have been honored by the National Headliner Awards program, which is one of the oldest and largest annual contests recognizing journalistic merit in … Read more

Aaron Chum

June 11, 2010

In his Fortune magazine article “The Future of Reading,” Josh Quittner analyzes the future of reading and comes to the conclusion that although the methods of reading are changing, it will never completely disappear (like in “Fahrenheit 451”). He … Read more

Emily Rosenthal

June 9, 2010

With the new Apple iPad and other tablets to follow, there’s been much debate over the future of printed media. Some people believe that printed books and magazines are dead, while others believe this is just a phase in our … Read more

Ana Carano

June 9, 2010

New controversy has arisen on how publications will fare in the modern age. With the rise of the Internet, everything and anything can be read online for free, and it is uncertain whether the physical, written word will still be … Read more