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Winter 2004: Editorial Cartoons Introduction

By Journalist’s Trade December 15, 2004

Many newspapers have decided not to hire a full-time editorial cartoonist, but instead publish the readily available work of syndicated cartoonists. To explore what impact these decisions and other changing circumstances related to editorial cartoons have on journalism, Nieman Reports asked cartoonists, editorial page editors, and close observers of cartooning to write out of their experiences and share their observations about how the long-time role that cartoons have played in journalism and democracy is being affected. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more

Journalism Mirrors the Public Mood

By Opinion December 15, 2004

What if we are leaving the Age of Reason far behind? What if the basic cultural settings that have under-girded the best of American journalism—a scientific mindset and respect for the pursuit of fact-based truth—are giving way to an era … Read more

Infotainment Shrinks the News

By Opinion December 15, 2004

People often ask me what it is like backstage at “The McLaughlin Group” or Chris Matthew’s “Hardball” or Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Do you and your fellow panelists go out for a beer?,” they ask. “Do you pal around together?” … Read more

Journalism Reflects Our Culture

By Opinion December 15, 2004

Journalism is no more in a survival mode today than it was 52 years ago when Louis Lyons and my Nieman classmates worried about how a compliant and objective press was helping Joe McCarthy savage the body politic. Attitude? … Read more