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The Next Journalism’s Objective Reporting

By Opinion December 15, 2004

Listen up, young journalists. Here’s some bad news from an old-timer: The economic basis for the detached, aloof-observer model of journalism that my generation built is crumbling fast. The good news: You get to invent the next journalism. The old … Read more

Symptoms of Underlying Stress in Journalism

By Opinion December 15, 2004

Punditry and attitude are more symptoms than causes of changes in American journalism. Think of them as signs of stress, foreshocks, as more powerful forces interact under the surface due to transformations in the technology of news distribution and, with … Read more

Journalism’s Proper Bottom Line

By Opinion December 15, 2004

In recent years, punditry, opinion and so-called infotainment have permeated newscasts and newspapers to such a degree that it is now difficult for the average news consumer to distill the news from what they read and watch. Can responsible journalism … Read more

Subversive Activities

By Opinion December 15, 2004

I would rephrase the question to be “Can democracy survive journalism as it has come to be practiced?” After all, accurate, trustworthy information, lots of it, is the bedrock of democracy. Propagandists who pose as journalists, and corporate bosses who … Read more