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Internet Interactions

Journalist’s Trade June 15, 2002

Participants had views and experiences to share about the intersection of mainstream media and the Internet. Edited excerpts of some of those comments follow. RELATED ARTICLE “Web … Read more

Newspapers and the Internet

By Journalist’s Trade June 15, 2002

Clark Gilbert, an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, studies entrepreneurship in large companies. In a recent study in which he worked with Clay Christensen, who has written about disruptive innovation, they spent two and a half years looking … Read more

Summer 2002: Introduction

By Journalist’s Trade June 15, 2002

In October 2001, journalists, publishers, professors and media and stock analysts met for two days at Harvard University to discuss varying approaches to paying for the reporting and distribution of news in the years ahead. This conference—Paying for the Next … Read more