Lois Fiore

About Lois Fiore

Lois Fiore was the assistant editor of Nieman Reports.

1974: Soundings

By Features September 11, 2013

Lois Fiore, hired in 1973 as assistant to curator James C. Thomson Jr., recalls the origins of the Sounding One of the things we told the Fellows—and, I’m sure, still do—is that among the most interesting people you’re going to … Read more

‘News to Images’

By Nieman Notes March 15, 2003

Painter Melora Kuhn first saw a photograph of Canada’s Dionne quintuplets in The Boston Globe in 1998 in an article about their success suing their government because of the separation from their parents while they were young children. The article … Read more

Responsibility to Be Honest

By Books September 15, 1998

From November 1936, when Life magazine’s first issue appeared, until it stopped publication as a weekly in 1972, 88 of the most innovative and revered photographers found, at one time or another, a home for their oftentimes groundbreaking photography. “Life … Read more