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Post-Truth Politics

By Features November 18, 2016

In the final hours of the U.S. election, Republican nominee Donald Trump speculated on Fox News that the contest was rigged against him. “There are machines,” he noted. “You put down Republican and it registers them … Read more

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos and America’s Latino Future

March 17, 2014

“Take a hard look,” Jorge Ramos implored his audience, “because you’re looking at a dinosaur.” Ramos wasn’t talking about his 25 years on Univision’s news desk—or about his head of gray hair—but about the very nature of an evening newscast: … Read more

Political Video Barometer

By Technology December 22, 2008

RELATED ARTICLE “Mapping the Blogosphere: Offering a Guide to Journalism’s Future” – John KellyAs a visual demonstration of how ideas move through social networks, Morningside Analytics created … Read more

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