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An Unseen Side of Iran

By Nieman Notes June 15, 2005

A drug-sniffing dog, donated by the French government, is used to search a truck by Anti-Narcotics Police at Shahid Sherofat checkpoint near Esfahan, Iran, while a bus passes in the background. Approximately 15,000 cars and … Read more

Summer 2005: Introduction

By Opinion June 15, 2005

Among the casualties of the invasion and occupation of Iraq have been truth and trust, according to Sig Christenson, military affairs writer for the San Antonio Express-News. After working as both an embedded and independent reporter in Iraq, he writes about the “propaganda war within Gulf War II,” explaining that “Its roots are in Ground Zero, and I have been a willing participant. So, too, were many other reporters.” – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more