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Summer 2002

Reporting on Business: Enron and Beyond

Cover for Summer 2002

Enron’s extraordinary collapse leapt into public view with banner headlines befitting the precipitous fall of a once mighty power. This was a company that not too long before its demise had been the business media’s poster child, praised for its “innovative” practices and consistently listed among the top American corporations. During these heady times, only a few reporters followed leads that eventually took readers past the media’s mostly laudatory words and into the reality of a company whose foundation was crumbling. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor

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Bob Giles
Melissa Ludtke
Assistant Editor
Lois Fiore
Editorial Assistant
Paul Wirth
Design Editor
Deborah Smiley
Cover Story
The “E” is removed on one of the last Enron Field signs outside the baseball stadium in Houston, Texas. The Houston Astros bought back the naming rights from Enron for about $2.1 million in February. Photo by Brett Coomer/The Associated Press.

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