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Spring 2008

21st Century Muckrakers

Cover for Spring 2008

Watchdog reporting resides at the core of what journalism does. Its roots dig deeply into the common ground uniting the muckrakers’ unearthing of public and private scandals a century ago with what investigative reporters are illuminating today. Though reporting and distribution of this news is very different in the digital era, unfortunately the human conditions requiring press scrutiny are not. These include patterns of corruption and malfeasance among those holding powerful positions of public and private trust.

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21st Century Muckrakers: Who Are They? How Do They Do Their Work?

Watchdog Photo Gallery

21st Century Muckrakers March 15, 2008

Our visual journey moves from the late 19th and early 20th century muckraking era to the Watergate coverage of the early 1970’s, which swept into newsrooms a wave of young journalists hoping to do watchdog reporting during a time when … Read more

Watchdogs in Washington

Nonprofit Approach

Seeking Support for Investigative Projects

By Features March 15, 2008

These foundations and centers offer financial support for journalists. Alicia Patterson Foundation This Washington, D.C.-based fund provides six-month and one-year grants to working investigative reporters who want to pursue independent investigative projects. Grants can … Read more

June 22, 2024

The Digital Transformation

Newsroom Investigative Reporting

Global Watchdogs

Confronting Pressure From Donors

By Watchdog March 15, 2008

The following words are reprinted from a Nieman Reports article written by Aung Zaw, editor of The Irrawaddy, a magazine about Burma and Southeast Asian affairs located in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. In this section of his article, Zaw addressed … Read more

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