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The Pulitzer Centennial

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The effects of power may be obvious—high office, laws, riches, regulations, even life and death—but power itself is only an idea, one that journalists have long struggled to describe. For a century, Pulitzer-winning works—some of the best journalism ever produced—have readily confronted the powerful, and constantly held power to account. As the Pulitzer Prize celebrates its centennial year, Nieman Reports takes a look at a century of Pulitzer journalism speaking truth to power, setting the tone for another 100 years of remarkable work. Our Summer 2016 issue also highlights forgotten Prize-winning works worth remembering, an examination of competing news outfits teaming up to do watchdog stories—including many that have won the Pulitzer, and the business reporting at the core of much Pulitzer journalism.

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Holding Businesses Accountable

By June 30, 2016

AP correspondent Margie Mason was reporting another story in Jakarta, Indonesia when her source asked why she wasn’t looking into the hundreds and hundreds of men enslaved in the Southeast Asian fishing industry. She knew about this. It was … Read more

Pulitzer’s Forgotten Classics

By August 8, 2016

From the start, the Pulitzer Prizes have sought to recognize journalists for investigating how power works, for holding the powerful to account, and for exposing abuses of power. Yet power itself ebbs and shifts, driven by cultural, political, and … Read more


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