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Threats to U.S. Democracy

It’s Time for Newsrooms to Defend Democracy

Coverage of efforts to undermine free and fair elections will help determine the future of democracy, in the U.S. and around the world


Political Coverage is Changing to Get Beyond ‘Us Versus Them’

A more nuanced depiction of voters and issues can help newsrooms better report on elections and political campaigns


“Democracy Has Never Been More Threatened”: Cleveland Plain Dealer Editor on Covering Trumpism and Advocating for a Free Press

Chris Quinn on why the newspaper declined to cover an Ohio Senate candidate’s rally and the dangers press restrictions place on a free society

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Building a Better Future for Our Information Spaces

Stefanie Friedhoff, NF ’01, has launched a new initiative to help address information gaps


Why Some Journalists Are Centering Trauma-Informed Reporting

From our August newsletter: How journalists can consider sources' mental health in their reporting


Newsrooms Inside Refugee Camps: Reporting by Migrants, for Migrants

As more people are displaced from their home countries, newsrooms inside of refugee camps are popping up to give voice to these marginalized communities

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A “Fresh Start” Covering the Amazon

Fabiano Maisonnave, NF ’16, on the importance of reporting on the rainforest’s destruction

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The Justice Beat Goes Into ‘Overdrive’

Carrie Johnson, NF ’20, on covering the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s home


Post-Roe, What Journalists Get Wrong about Adoption and Abortion — and How to Do Better

The way to write about adoption is to include everyone’s voices, including those of adoptees


Why Some Journalists Are Centering Trauma-Informed Reporting

Trauma-informed reporting can help journalists better connect with sources dealing with grief, pain, and loss


The Court-Authorized Search of Mar-a-Lago Was “Unprecedented” — But That’s Not the Real Story

Instead of focusing on the unprecedented nature of the FBI action, journalists need to explain why presidents have been able to avoid scrutiny