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Alisa Sopova

Alisa Sopova, a 2017 Nieman Fellow, is a reporter and producer for international media in Ukraine. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard.

How Independent Russian Newsrooms Keep Reporting

By Features November 3, 2017

In March Elena Milashina, a reporter for Russia’s leading independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, was tipped off by a source about the suspicious death of a man in Chechnya. Through her reporting, Milashina, who had been covering Chechnya for more than a decade, learned that … Read more

When War Comes Home

By Sounding January 5, 2017

Three years ago I worked as a news editor at Donbass, the largest newspaper and news website in my native city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. I was responsible for a dozen reporters covering local news, three pages of the … Read more