Winter/Spring 2024

'Unparalleled and Unprecedented'

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Since Hamas’ deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israeli settlements and a music festival, some 97 journalists and media workers have been killed in the conflict. That is more journalist fatalities in one conflict zone in six months than have occurred in one year worldwide since the Committee to Protect Journalists started keeping the data in 1992. Nieman Reports’ Winter/Spring 2024 issue spotlights how the war in Gaza is part of an alarming trend of the lack of accountability for killers and jailers of journalists. From the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise of authoritarian governments, the miasma of misinformation fostering distrust and suspicion, and the impunity shown by governments, the risk posed to journalists have multiplied in recent years.

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‘Unparalleled and Unprecedented’

By Features April 4, 2024

Ten years ago, AP photographer Anya Niedringhaus died in Afghanistan, shot dead in her car by a fanatical police officer who also badly wounded her close friend, AP journalist Kathy Gannon. Killings of journalists in Afghanistan, Gaza, and Syria in … Read more

The Fox News of France

By Features January 20, 2024

On Feb. 17, 2022, French billionaire Vincent Bolloré officially retired as chairman of his family’s business after more than 40 years leading the company. The event took place in the family stronghold, in a small village on the Western coast … Read more

Generation #Branded

By Features February 26, 2024

Part of Izzy Gutierrez’s job as an intern at Nashville TV station WSMV was to produce peppy Instagram reels about what happens behind the scenes at the station’s lifestyle show, Today in Nashville. There was Gutierrez getting ready for … Read more

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