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In Illinois, Two Bills Aim to Put Reporters Back into Communities

Steve Stadelman, a former journalist turned state senator, explains why the government needs to support local journalism.


Want to Reach Gen Z? Prioritize Young Voices

Student journalists are key to engaging a critical demographic ahead of the 2024 election.

Visual Journalism

A Moment of Deep Sorrow on the U.S.-Mexico Border

What it looks like when we humanize the migrants coming to America


The Story Behind the Execution of AP Reporter Joseph Morton During WW2

A new book examines the work of The Associated Press in covering Nazi Germany.


Generation #Branded

Teaching students how to live up to the trust news consumers have in social media has become a top focus for many journalism schools.


News Organizations Are Leaving Twitter. What About You?

Even with Twitter losing credibility, leaving the platform requires a significant shift in how journalists track developing news. That’s easier said than done.


Journalism Needs Leaders Who Know How to Run a Business

These are the five crucial skills for the next generation of media leaders in the era of community-centric journalism.


Let’s Retire the “Leaving Journalism” Fallacy

Your career as a journalist doesn’t have to be a one-way trip.

85th Anniversary

A World Where Those with Weapons Have Absolute Authority

When you’re covering war in your own country, the gap between you and the rest of humanity feels overwhelming.


The Fox News of France

How French billionaire Vincent Bolloré and CNews have reshaped political discourse in Paris and beyond