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Where Are the Women?

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Despite making up half the population and receiving the majority of communication degrees, women currently lead only three of the nation’s top 25 newspapers. What’s lost when women aren’t leading? What can be done to increase their ranks at the top?

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Where Are the Women?

Where Are the Women?

By Diversity September 11, 2014

At a time when women head fewer major U.S. newspapers than they did 10 years ago, there is a place where women run not only some of the nation’s leading papers but the major public TV station and private … Read more

Sharing Their Stories

Diversity September 11, 2014

CNN Meredith Artley Vice president and managing editor, CNN Digital There’s been a longstanding issue of not having enough women’s voices among the big names in journalism There’s been a … Read more


“Thick Files and a Long Memory”

By Features September 11, 2014

Henry Constantin was a 22-year-old journalism student at a Cuban university in 2006 when he proposed a thesis critical of the country’s brand of reporting. He was promptly kicked out of the university. Two years later, he was … Read more

Facts, Not Opinions

By Features September 11, 2014

As recently as 2008, it was illegal for Cubans to own a cell phone and impossible for them to buy a computer. No independent journalist had a mobile device, and only a handful had a phone line at home. Read more

Island in the Storm

By Features September 11, 2014

In Cuba, it’s called “D-Day”—that hypothetical future date on which the Castro regime falls. D-Day is a date long-awaited by broad sectors of the population, the Cuban diaspora, media outlets around the world, and foreign correspondents based on the … Read more

The State of News in Cuba

By September 26, 2014

“Some people won’t like reading this,” warned Carlos Alberto Pérez, author of the blog “The Kite of Cuba,” in one of his entries published on May 15, 2014. The post denounced a massive fraud in Cuba’s college entrance exams. Read more

The Writer, Chronicler of His Time

By October 3, 2014

In his 1975 lecture, “The Journalist, a Chronicler of His Time,” Alejo Carpentier, a writer and journalist himself, made a distinction between the perspectives and roles of these two professions that are often associated with one another. Carpentier said that … Read more

Plus ça change…

By Features September 11, 2014

Of all the papers and newsmagazines in France, one in particular should have been well prepared for the challenges of this digital era: Libération. With its witty headlines, striking photo portraits, and its passionate and often provocative coverage of … Read more

Nieman Watchdog

NIeman Storyboard

Finding the Tribe

By From Nieman Reports September 11, 2014

When Hillary Frank first started producing “The Longest Shortest Time” podcast in 2010, she was going through a rough time herself. A radio producer for more than a decade, she suffered health complications after her daughter was born … Read more

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