Visual Journalism

Nancy Rhoda

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

The simplest outing can turn into a nightmare for Alice Williams. Her son Joey’s fantasy life takes over as he demands a haircut like that of the Statue of Liberty. His mother tries to … Read more

Eli Reed

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

A girl poses at the Benaco refugee camp, Tanzania, 1994. The Benaco refugee camp was set up in Tanzania in late April or early May of 1994, one of the first settled by Rwandans … Read more

Summer 1998: Photojournalism Introduction

By Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

It's Just Changing With the Times In the next 50 pages Nieman Reports take stock of photojournalism today. While problems are noted, the report is positive. The articles and the photo essays by 10 Nieman Fellows demonstrate the special value of pictures to news. As noted photographer Edward Steichen summed it up at the dinner celebrating his 90th birthday in 1969: “The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself. And that is no mean function.” Read more

Frank Van Riper

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

RELATED ARTICLE “The Best Picture I Never Took” – Frank Van RiperIn combining my talents as both a writer and photographer I am doing something unusual and, I think, important in the … Read more

Stanley Forman

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

I was on vacation from my job at WCVB-TV Boston in September 1986 and had spent the early evening playing cards. At 11:30 I quit to pick up a friend RELATED ARTICLE “The … Read more