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David Turnley

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

© David Turnley/Black Star, “In Times of War & Peace,” 1996 RELATED ARTICLE “The Best Picture I Never Took” – David TurnleyIn his introduction to “In Times Of … Read more

People Without People

By Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Alan Berner/The Seattle Times. What is “People Without People?” For me it is the sense of people without them being there. It’s the part representing the whole. It’s the significant detail giving … Read more


By Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Mary Beth Meehan/The Providence Journal-Bulletin. As a documentary photographer, I am most interested in using the medium to describe the relationships that people have—with their environment, with each other. I’m fascinated by … Read more

Micha Bar-Am

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

These photographs are from “Israel: A Photobiography, The First Fifty Years,” by Micha Bar-Am, a 1986 Nieman Fellow (Simon & Schuster, 1998). The photos shown, all © Micha Bar-Am/Magnum, are taken from the chapter, “Daily Bread.” … Read more

Trials With Editors

Visual Journalism June 15, 1998

Stan Grossfeld, a 1992 Nieman Fellow, has an enviable job as a photojournalist. An Associate Editor of The Boston Globe, he is free to go wherever his creative instincts lead him—and they have led him all over the world. The … Read more