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Alternate Forms of Transportation

Opinion March 15, 1998

BOSTON To the Editor: As a journalist and author (of “Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back”), I was pleased to see the last issue of Nieman Reports concentrating on … Read more

When Is More Less?

Opinion March 15, 1998

NEW YORK To the Editor: I’m delighted that my letter of some months ago asking [Tom Regan, Nieman Reports technology columnist] to explain the differences between reporting for the conventional media and reporting for the Internet provided him with column … Read more

Inspecting Road Sites

Opinion March 15, 1998

LOUISVILLE To the Editor: No country in the world can match the United States for extravagant use and waste of its resources. And nothing reveals waste more than our pell-mell pursuit of expensive suburban mobility by over-dosage of highway expansion. Read more