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Blurring the Lines Hurts Journalism

By Opinion June 15, 1999

My message has to do with journalism. It has to do with why, according to the polls, we are now down there with the lawyers, the Congress and the child pornographers in the public’s respect and esteem. There’s a long … Read more


By Opinion June 15, 1999

The separation of business and news is only about 100 years old. In 1800 the most common name for an American newspaper was The Advertiser. Take that literally. Not advertising in the sense of the purchase of space, but the … Read more

Excerpt From Remarks

By Opinion June 15, 1999

Before you can discuss what might be done [with newspapers] you have to look at the business proposition that you’re dealing with…. The people who own these journalistic institutions, by and large, are large companies…in which these journalistic institutions play … Read more